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Kapasaria Sarbik Village Service Society(KSVSS) is a non-political,  non-communal and  non-profit  making Non-Governmental Organisation. The organisation has been registered by the Government of West  Bengal vide it's Registration No.S/88708 of 1997-98 dated  8th December, 1997 under West Bengal Societies Registration  Act 1961 & Unique ID Issued by NGO Darpan(NITI ayog)  Portal is WB/2009/0017543. The organisation  is  eulogized by local Panchayat,Panchayat Samiti, Zilla  Parishad, and  Government  officials  for  its  praiseworthy  social  welfare  and rural development activities.

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Our Mission,Vision & Goal

Our Mission

To promote Poorest of the poor in society with a  special emphasis on the backward communities, the distressed women  and wretched children including disabled and destitute persons are the target groups of KSVSS.

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Our Vision

KSVSS  visualizes a worldwide  social  system,  where every man and woman irrespective  of  caste, creed, clan,  religion  or economic status will have equal rights, privileges  and dignity and live in society  peacefully  with love, respect, dignity and fellow feeling to each other.   As far as  development is  concerned, KSVSS  believes in self - sustained  development  with active people's participation in all it's stages.


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Our Goal

To promote Education, Health, Rural Development, Women and Child development, agricultural etc.

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